Consequences of Child Recovery

Aussie boy snatched from his father exposes ugly consequences of ‘child recovery’ deals

GRIFFIN sat quietly in the bustling Kuala Lumpur food court, playing on his iPad. His father, Ash Crick sat opposite, sipping a smoothie.

There was some talk about breakfast, the games they’d play that afternoon. It was an unremarkable scene and that’s how it should have stayed.

But what happened next triggered a chain of events that turned their lives upside down and exposed the potentially ugly consequences of doing deals with those who trade in “child recovery”.

The boy and his dad had been there barely 15 minutes that day, December 10, 2015, when two men resembling nightclub bouncers appeared either side of Ash.

He stood up and tried to speak. Instead he froze.

“It was like ice from my head rushing through my body,” he recalls.

The pair towered over him, physically blocking him from moving away.

“Don’t do anything stupid Ashley,” one of them said.

“You’re being filmed, the Australian Consulate is involved, we’re going to take your son.”

Ash was horrified. A wave of adrenaline flooded his body and sent his heart racing. What could he do? What will they do? Is that a gun he’s carrying? Or a knife? These thoughts swirled as he watched his ex-partner, former Neighbours actor Eliza Szonert, approach their son.

“Please don’t do this,” he stuttered.

His instincts told him to protect his six-year-old, but his body wouldn’t co-operate. He felt numb. There was nothing he could do.

“There was no way I could reach over and get Griffin and even if I’d tried I thought Griffin would have potentially been flattened and hurt, if not worse.”

Eliza coolly lifted Griffy from his chair, hoisted him onto her hip and scooped up his iPad, smiling and promising him the “best surprise”.

“I’ll call you soon, Ash,” she yelled over her should as she disappeared into the crowded Mid Valley Mega Mall.

Ash caught a brief glimpse of Griffin’s face. The boy didn’t make a sound but to Ash, his boy’s wide, searching eyes seemed to plead: “Daddy, what’s going on?”

Footage taken later that day shows Griffin in the car with his mum saying: “Mamma, it’s a bit strange.”

Those “removal” tactics, experts later told Ash, resembled a “standard military interception”.

Ash now believes he must have been followed from his home that morning; the mall stop had never been part of their daily routine.

“These guys had done this before, clearly.”

More on this news Source: Carly Crawford – Sunday Herald Sun

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Male Victim of Domestic Violence

The shame of being a male victim of domestic violence

Tim* was at low ebb when he met Rose*. His younger sister had recently taken her own life and his parents had split up. Rose, at least initially, made him feel good about life again.

At 23, Tim became a father. During the pregnancy he noticed that Rose could be moody and snappy but put it down to hormones. However, once his daughter was born, the behaviour escalated. She would regularly berate him for the smallest thing; waiting for him outside the bedroom door on a weekend morning, vacuum cleaner in hand; yelling at him if he sat down to watch the television after work.

Many women overburdened by chores and the demands of a newborn baby as well as struggling fathers might feel some small, secret sympathy towards either party. But Rose became violent. One day, in the midst of a particularly vitriolic row, she slapped him hard across the face.

“I slapped her back,” he says frankly. “I was just so shocked.” But that, he insists, is the only time he ever retaliated. Over the next few years this vignette was repeated with each episode becoming uglier. Rose would pinch, bite, slap and throw things at him. She would threaten to kill herself and their child.

More about this story Source: Kathy Evans – The Sydney Morning Herald

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Western Australia: Domestic violence reports double

Domestic violence reports double in Western Australia’s Pilbara, legal service says

The number of domestic violence cases reported to the Pilbara Community Legal Service has more than doubled over the past year.

From July 2014 to 2015, just under 600 incidents were reported, but that jumped to 1,257 for the following 12-month period.

Mel Swiatek, one of just two domestic violence officers from the legal service who operate across the Pilbara, said there could be multiple explanations for the spike in reported incidents.

“It’s difficult to know whether the levels of domestic violence have increased, or if people are more aware of it and reporting it more now,” she said.

Ms Swiatek said victims were not getting the support they need, despite $100 million in federal funding announced last year to tackle domestic violence.

“There’s an astronomical amount of work for just a small amount of people trying to cover the whole area and support everyone who needs it,” she said.

The Western Australian Attorney General Michael Mischin said the State Government was trying to address these figures through the Freedom from Fear Action Plan and changes within the justice system, specifically with amendments to the Bail Act, plans to introduce post-sentence supervision orders and the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme.

More of this news Source: Angus Sargent – The ABC NEWS

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Father Jailed for Incest

Victoria: father jailed for years of incest

The man was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 10 years, by a Victorian County Court judge on Friday after earlier pleading guilty to the persistent sexual abuse of a child under 16.

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also pleaded guilty to making a threat to inflict serious injury after menacing his daughter with a knife about the time the abuse began.

The girl was nine at the time and had run away from her father after he began fondling her in a bedroom at the family home.

“You grabbed a knife and threatened that you were going to stab her, and yelled at her that she should obey her father,” said the judge.

After this incident, the father started having sex with his daughter, usually while she was home alone from school, or while her mother and siblings were not home.

He also forced her to watch pornographic films and repeat the film’s sexual acts on him.

When the man’s parents came to Australia in 2015 to visit him, he continued sexually abusing his daughter while his parents were in the house.

Last year, when she was 14, the girl began showing symptoms of pregnancy.

Her mother remarked that her daughter’s stomach was getting bigger.

More of this news Source: SBS News

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Queensland’s adoption laws


Stephen Page is a Brisbane lawyer specialising in LGBTI legal issues. He shares his opinion on the proposed changes to Queensland’s adoption laws with Andrew Shaw.

What impact will legalising adoption for same-sex couples and singles have on the numbers of adoptions in Queensland?
Very little. Adoptions are currently at historic lows. Given recent trends, the availability of children for adoption is likely to drop further. Other countries generally do not allow their children to be adopted internationally by same-sex couples.

Barnardos Australia suggests the new laws should encourage open adoption, do you agree?
The current Adoption Act 2009 is written on the basis of open adoptions. I believe that it’s a good idea – so the child has control of who they are and their place in the world. I believe it’s also consistent with our international obligations, including under the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

If adoption becomes legal for same-sex couples and singles in Queensland, will it make it easier for LGBT long term foster carers to adopt?
That’s unlikely. It is very difficult for long term foster carers to be able to adopt in Queensland. For those same-sex couples who obtained Family Law Act orders because as a matter of sexuality they could not obtain adoption orders, it may be easier for them to adopt the children already in their care.

What are the barriers to adoption for long-term foster carers? What rights do the biological parents have? Whose rights predominate?
The Child Protection Act as interpreted by Child Safety officers is to ensure that the child is able to be reunited at some stage with the parents. This means that long-term foster carers do not have the ability to adopt. More importantly, this often means that children do not have long term stable placements, but instead have on average six placements during their time in care – a figure that can only bode badly for the upbringing of a child. How anyone is able to have a stable upbringing after six placements, let alone children who have been the subject of abuse and neglect, appears not to be child focused to me.

More about this topic Source: Andrew Shaw – Gay News Networks

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Police officer investigated helping friend find ex-wife despite DVO

Police officer investigated after allegedly helping mate find ex-wife despite domestic violence order

A Queensland police officer who allegedly helped a mate who was subjected to a domestic violence order (DVO) track down his former partner should be sacked if found guilty, a domestic violence advocate says.

It is alleged the senior constable accessed private records of the woman’s latest address and passed the details onto her ex-husband.

It is further alleged that the officer then joked about it in a series of text messages to the man.

Police have confirmed that Ethical Standards Command (ESC) was aware of the matter but a spokesperson said it would be inappropriate to comment further until the investigation was complete.

The allegations were lodged with the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) by the woman last June after she allegedly heard how her ex-partner got her home address, but the matter was referred back to the ESC.

The Queensland Police Minister’s office said it could not comment pending the investigation.

More of this news Source: Lexy Hamilton-Smith – The ABC News

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Domestic violence: women are not the only victims

Data shows women are not the only victims

Eva Solberg is a Swedish politician, a proud feminist who holds an important post as chairwoman of the party Moderate Women. Last year she was presented with her government’s latest strategy for combating domestic violence. Like similar reports across the world, this strategy assumes the only way to tackle domestic violence is through teaching misogynist men (and boys) to behave themselves.

The Swedish politician spat the dummy. Writing on the news site Nyheter24, Solberg took issue with her government’s “tired gendered analysis”, which argued that eradicating sexism was the solution to the problem of domestic violence. She explained her reasoning: “We know through extensive practice and experience that attempts to solve the issue through this kind of analysis have failed. And they failed precisely because violence is not and never has been a gender issue.”

Solberg challenged the government report’s assumption that there was a guilty sex and an innocent one. “Thanks to extensive research in the field, both at the national and international level, we now know with great certainty that this breakdown by sex is simply not true.”

She made reference to the world’s largest research database on intimate partner violence, the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge project, which summarises more than 1700 scientific papers on the topic.

She concluded that her government’s report was based on misinformation about family violence and that, contrary to the report’s one-sided view of men as the only perpetrators, many children were experiencing a very different reality: “We must recognise the fact that domestic violence, in at least half of its occurrence, is carried out by female perpetrators.”

More of this topic Source: Bettina Arndt – The Australian

Sydney: Husband Stabbed Wife 56-times

Estranged husband stabbed Leila Alavi 56 times because ‘she did not obey the rule of marriage’

A man sat wearing a blue forensic suit as he explained to police where and why he stabbed his estranged wife, Leila Alavi, 56 times with a pair of scissors in a suburban Sydney car park.

“In her heart and in her neck because she did not obey the rule of marriage,” he said in an interview shortly after he had murdered his wife.

When an officer asked why he killed her, Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei, 34, said that Ms Alavi had left him.

“Because we were married and before divorce she broke the contract. I could not tolerate it. I could not forget it.

“We have commitment, moral commitment towards one another. In this country this means nothing.”

A video of the police interview with Hosseiniamraei was tendered to the NSW Supreme Court during his sentencing hearing on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to murder earlier this year.

Hosseiniamraei was a violent husband who had threatened to kill his 26-year-old wife three months before he murdered her in her blue Holden Astra, which was parked beneath the hairdressing salon where she worked at Auburn in January 2015.

“You are a slut, I’m going to kill you and I’m going to fix up your sister and friends who have been teaching you this.”

After this chilling phone call, Ms Alavi took an apprehended violence order out against Hosseiniamraei and she moved out of their marital home in Toongabbie.

More of this news Source: Emma Partridge – The Sydney Morning Herald

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Marty Lynes faces new sexual assault

Former Home and Away star Marty Lynes faces new sexual assault allegations

FORMER Home and Away and All Saints star Marty Lynes is facing fresh sexual assault allegations, a court has heard.

The 49-year-old was not required to attend Wyong Local Court today when his matter was called up before Magistrate Peter Feather.

Prosecutors told the court they intended to lay new charges against Mr Lynes when he next appears in September.

While the Crown did not say what those charges were, it comes after his solicitor confirmed he had received a copy of the DNA evidence police collected at the time of an alleged, prolonged attack against a woman at the actor’s then Bateau Bay home in February.

Mr Lynes, best known for his portrayal of Dr Luke Forlano on All Saints, is already facing nine charges including four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, three counts of common assault and one count each of sexual intercourse without consent and indecent assault.

Police charge sheets tendered in court allege Mr Lynes assaulted a woman over a four-hour period on the night of February 29.

At one point police allege the actor-turned-real-estate agent “grabbed her breasts and pulled her up from the floor”.

More of the story Source: Richard Noone – The Daily Telegraph

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