Highway Patrol Officer Charged with Domestic Violence

NSW highway patrol officer pleads not guilty to string of domestic violence charges

A highway patrol officer in far west New South Wales has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges relating to alleged offences in May.

Senior Constable Barry Walker, from Broken Hill, was suspended from the police after his arrest earlier this year.

The 44-year-old has denied charges of common assault, affray, intimidation, malicious damage and threatening behaviour.

Police also allege Walker refused to leave after being ejected from licensed premises and tried to re-enter the premises.

He allegedly committed the offences about 12.30am on May 22.

Walker represented himself at the Broken Hill Local Court on Tuesday, but said he was planning to engage a solicitor for his next appearance.

He told the court he had resumed regular contact with the alleged victim, and argued against the imposition of a restraining order.

More of the story Source: Declan Gooch – ABC News

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South Australia to screen new partners for criminal history

A disclosure scheme that reveals a person’s violent history to a new partner is among measures the South Australian Government wants considered to help prevent domestic violence.

It today released a Domestic Violence Discussion Paper asking for public feedback on the measure, based on Britain’s Clare’s Law, which allows partners to access that information.

SA Attorney General John Rau said the first step in addressing domestic violence was to expose it.

“Domestic violence is everybody’s business,” he said.

The paper used police statistics to reveal the extent of domestic violence in SA.

There were more than 8,400 reports of domestic violence in SA last year, with nearly 80 per cent of those victims female.

Almost half of all assaults, homicides and homicide-related offences involved domestic violence.

Mr Rau said the paper highlighted possible areas that could be reformed.

More of the story Source: Nicola Gage – ABC News

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Queensland and New South Wales border domestic violence

STATE borders are no barrier to ­perpetrators of domestic violence but they do act as barriers to ­implementing Domestic Violence Orders.

That could all be about to change if Queensland follows NSW in recognising and enforcing DVOs from across the border.

Tweed state Nationals MP Geoff Provest said the NSW Parliament had voted on and passed legalisation which would see that state’s police enabled to enforce a DVO even if it was issued outside of NSW.

Mr Provest, who spoke in ­Parliament on the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (National Domestic Violence Orders Recognition) Bill, said there had been unanimous support for the Bill which was now being gazetted into legalisation.

He said the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme would provide increased protection across jurisdictional borders by enabling automatic recognition and enforcement of DVOs made in other jurisdictions.

“This Bill will mean that DVOs issued in Queensland will be recognised and enforceable in NSW which will play a major difference, especially in a border community like Tweed Heads,” Mr Provest said.

“At the moment, a victim of domestic violence who might be living in Tweed Heads and has a DVO issued in NSW against a perpetrator who might be living in Coolangatta or Kirra, could be confronted in Queensland and nothing could be done about it.

More on this story Source: Bob Anthony, Gold Coast Sun

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Mother who abandoned baby released from custody

A woman who abandoned her newborn baby in a Sydney drain is expected to be released from custody within weeks having already served most of the prison sentence she was handed.

The baby boy’s cries were heard by passing cyclists near the M7 at Quakers Hill in November 2014.

He had been dropped into the 2.4-metre drain by his mother days earlier.

The infant was 30 per cent below his birth weight and severely dehydrated.

The District Court heard the mother had the intellectual capacity of a mid-primary-school-age child, had been abandoned by the boy’s father and feared the disapproval of her family.

The judge imposed a total sentence of three-and-a-half years but she will be eligible for parole in August, when she will have served one year and nine months.

She was identified after police were handed a list of women who had recently given birth in the area.

More of the story Source: Karl Hoerr – ABC News

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Nick Stevens behind bars for Domestic Violence

Former Port Adelaide and Carlton AFL star and sacked Glenelg SANFL coach Nick Stevens has had his original eight-month jail term for assaulting his ex-girlfriend cut to three months behind bars.

The former midfielder was jailed immediately for three months, with a further three months suspended, for violence against his former partner.

County Court judge Damien Murphy said Stevens had denied his offending over the 2013 incidents up until Tuesday – some 14 months later – when he decided to plead guilty following an appeal.

“Your conduct is to be abhorred,” the judge said on Thursday.

“There’s little evidence of victim empathy.”

Stevens was originally sentenced by a magistrate last year to serve eight months jail on 12 charges of abuse.

He was also given a 12-month community corrections order that included 90 hours of community service and fined $400.

But in a deal with prosecutors, Stevens abandoned an appeal this week and decided to plead guilty to two counts of intentionally causing injury. A remaining 10 charges were scrapped.

The assaults came after the woman, with whom he was in a relationship for 15 months, accused Stevens of infidelity.

More of the story at Source: AAP

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Former Santa charged with child pornography

A man formerly employed as a shopping centre Santa Claus who was charged with child pornography offences has successfully applied to have his bail conditions relaxed.

William John Graham Webster, 79, is charged with an aggravated and basic offence of possessing child pornography.

The offences were allegedly committed in December 2012 at Warradale, a suburb of Adelaide.

Webster was previously acquitted of five aggravated charges of indecent assault relating to children he came in contact with through his employment as a Santa Claus.

During a hearing in the District Court, Webster applied to have various restrictions on him relaxed.

The prosecution did not oppose amending Webster’s restrictions on computer and internet use for the purpose of allowing Webster to access internet banking and to pay bills online.

However, the prosecutor opposed lifting a restriction on Webster having any contact with children under the age of 18 years unless they were accompanied by a parent or guardian.

More on this story Source: Candice Prosser – ABC News

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Geoffrey Edelsten’s unconventional divorce to Gabi Grecko

Geoffrey Edelsten’s third ex-wife, Gabi Grecko, hopes her career in soft pornography will encourage the former doctor to initiate divorce proceedings.

Speaking from her New York apartment, the 27-year-old from Florida told Fairfax Media that she hasn’t spoken to the 73-year-old in six months and would start the legal process herself if she knew how.

“I have not done this [been divorced] before so I am hoping after he sees my video he will send me the papers for a divorce,” she said.

After getting engaged in The Birdcage at the Melbourne Cup in 2014, the pair said “I do” the following June in a low-key, “tacky Vegas theme” wedding in an Asian registry office.

It was in complete contrast to the no-expense spared 2009 affair in which Edelsten married Brynne Gordon in front of 550 guests, including Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander and The Nanny’s Fran Drescher, at the Crown Palladium that cost an estimated $3 million.

That marriage lasted almost five years, in comparison to just five months with Grecko.

The model and DJ, who met the pensioner on SugarDaddy.com, did not sign a pre-nup but claims she is not seeking any money in a divorce settlement.

“I don’t need his support. I don’t want his support. I don’t want to rely on him in any way,” Grecko said. “I like my independence so I haven’t asked for anything.”

More of the story Source: Amy Croffey – The Sydney Morning Herald

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Vegan Parents Lose Custody of Sick Child

Last week, a 14-month-old child was brought to Milan’s Fatebenefratelli Hospital by his grandparents. When doctors assessed the one-year-old child, they were shocked to discover that he weighed a mere 11 pounds—the same as an average three-month old infant.

But low weight was only one of the child’s many ailments, which included life-threateningly low calcium levels that contributed to a heart condition and required emergency surgery. In fact, blood tests revealed the child was “severely malnourished,” with calcium levels described as “the minimum needed to survive.”

The culprit for these ailments, according to doctors? The child’s vegan parents, who insisted on raising their baby vegan and refused to change his diet even after he survived the “life-saving” surgery, according to Italy’s The Local. That’s when medical staff alerted social services, who promptly obtained a court order forcing the child to remain in the custody of the hospital where he had been operated on.

More of the story Source: Nick Rose

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Aaron Voon faces new child pornography charge

A child psychiatrist accused of possessing secret recordings of young boys in public toilets in Perth and Canada is alleged to have committed another offence in New Zealand.

The new charge was revealed when Aaron Voon appeared in Perth Magistrates Court to face charges of possessing child exploitation material.

Voon was arrested last month when he arrived back in Perth from Canada, where he was charged with making child pornography after allegedly being caught recording a young boy in a toilet in Edmonton.

The alleged New Zealand offence has resulted in a charge of possessing, controlling, producing, distributing or obtaining child pornography material outside Australia.

Commonwealth prosecutor Kate Gregory told the court there was a possibility the Canadian charges could be transferred to Western Australia, but a decision had yet to be made by the Canadian authorities.

Voon was not required to enter a plea to any of the charges and was released on bail until he appears in court again in September.

He has given an undertaking not to practise as a psychiatrist until his case has been dealt with.

More about this story Source: ABC News

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Domestic violence on former NRL star

A former rugby league star will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow facing ­allegations of domestic violence.

The retired player’s wife has been named in an application to the court seeking a domestic violence order.

The former player, who cannot be named, has been actively involved in the sport since his ­retirement.

It is not believed he faces any criminal charges.

Details of the case emerged on the eve of tonight’s third game in the State of Origin series, which was already won by Queensland last month by beating NSW 26-16 at Brisbane’s Suncorp ­Stadium.

The former rugby league star is not ­expected to be dealt with in a criminal sense ­unless he breaches conditions laid out in the order, with penalties including a maximum three- years’ imprisonment.

The two standard conditions of DVOs include “good behaviour” towards the applicant, ­including any children if named in the order, and to not commit domestic violence.

A magistrate will assess the DVO and can make a temporary protection order until a protection order is determined.

More of the story Source: The Australian

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